The Hunan Legend restaurant serves a large variety of Chinese cuisine. Hunan and Szechuan delicacies are featured. Business Lunch Specials each day complete with your choice of egg roll or soup. Dress is casual and reservations are accepted.


If you’d like to sample Malaysian culture, food and spirit, then Hunan Legend in Dorsey’s Search Village Center is the place to go. Boone and Tammie Lee, both formerly of Malaysia, have brought together the spirit of Malaysia and its many subcultures into one restaurant.

The moment you walk in the front door you’ll be greeted by manager, Tammie Lee. She will give you a big HELLO and escort you to your table in our spacious and comfortable dining room. Lovely white tablecloths, large stemmed water glasses, designed platters and plates and a beautiful flower centerpiece combine to make you feel like royalty. Light jazz plays through overhead speakers, and potted bamboo plants are strategically placed throughout the room. The umbrella drinks, snifters of quality liquors, beers and wines encourage some regulars to pop in and settle down to enjoy.

The food smells coming from the kitchen will have your taste buds watering; be prepared for a special treat. Your food will be laid before you in a decorative manner that is such a work of art you almost hesitate to eat it-the special little garnishes for your dinner include large red beets, large white radishes, a red onion, a cucumber or carrots cut into delicate flower shapes.

Tammie and her staff provide quality and authentic Hunan, Szechwan, Cantonese and Hong Kong cuisine, concentrating mostly on Hunan and Szechwan fare. The “Specials” Board as you walk in announces any deviation from the normal menu.


Start your meal with one of our many delicious appetizers. A great appetizer for two is a type of sampler called the Puu Puu Platter. It has an egg roll split for two, two ribs, two jumbo shrimp tempura, four fried wonton, two Cho-Cho Beef on a wooden stick and two chicken wings. Everything on the Puu Puu Platter can be purchased as a separate appetizer. Egg rolls are a popular choice in Asian restaurants. Here you have a choice of three: spring rolls with shrimp, vegetarian and the regular egg roll with beef. There are dumplings, steamed or fried with both vegetable and meat, shrimp toast, barbecued pork and spicy wontons, crabmeat and cheese fried wonton, lettuce wrapped chicken for two, or chicken/beef satay. And if you prefer cold appetizers, try the cold shredded chicken in spicy sesame and peanut sauce or cold sesame noodle with cucumber and peanut sauce.


There are 11 soups to choose from, and there is fried rice, lo mien and chow mien of many types.


The pineapple chicken is a delight of moist tender chicken fried with a pineapple sauce. The lamb of two seasonings will thrill the customer with Irish and South American taste buds. One is spicy and hot while the other is softly spiced, complementing each other as you taste them in turn. And the Egg Foo Young Combination makes you realize that you can try everything good in one sitting.


And, of course, there is the fortune cookie. Here is a fortune for you: “You will find an evening of romantic atmosphere and true Asian delight at the Hunan Legend.”